Total Results: 15658
Image FileName GCode STL Date Created Print Time Weight Filament Needed Times Printed User
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2018-09-13 16:23:259 minutes3.53 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-07-25 13:06:2624 minutes1.82 grams0.7 meters times
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2018-07-09 12:30:0127 minutes2.92 grams1.1 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 17:02:47112 minutes35.19 grams13.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 17:01:5947 minutes15.03 grams5.9 meters times
ssaahir-3dmc-clipv1 (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-06-20 16:57:2290 minutes33.80 grams13.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 16:19:4880 minutes27.68 grams10.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 16:15:19139 minutes42.81 grams16.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 16:14:20139 minutes42.81 grams16.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 16:06:4462 minutes11.93 grams4.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 15:57:5260 minutes22.82 grams9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 15:52:2460 minutes22.82 grams9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 15:50:0827 minutes10.08 grams4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 14:48:5015 minutes5.46 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 14:47:0836 minutes12.56 grams4.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 14:18:362 minutes0.80 grams0.3 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 14:11:2129 minutes11.01 grams4.3 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 14:05:08117 minutes43.92 grams17.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 13:53:0824 minutes7.97 grams3.1 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 13:51:5124 minutes7.97 grams3.1 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-20 13:51:3012 minutes4.02 grams1.6 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 17:55:0255 minutes15.66 grams6.2 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 17:54:4963 minutes22.78 grams9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 17:53:41112 minutes34.40 grams13.6 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:52:3535 minutes12.59 grams5 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:25:5724 minutes8.45 grams3.3 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:23:2449 minutes16.94 grams6.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:23:2235 minutes12.60 grams5 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:08:3753 minutes17.03 grams6.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:07:2920 minutes7.88 grams3.1 meters times
TWintsch-3Dmc-clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:03:5431 minutes10.64 grams4.2 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 13:01:4029 minutes9.59 grams3.8 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 12:15:381 minutes0.26 grams0.1 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 12:09:1137 minutes12.27 grams4.8 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 12:08:3137 minutes12.27 grams4.8 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 12:06:5412 minutes3.95 grams1.5 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-19 12:05:4529 minutes9.99 grams3.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:5512 minutes4.53 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:5411 minutes4.35 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:5211 minutes4.84 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:5011 minutes4.38 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:4612 minutes3.90 grams1.5 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:4217 minutes5.08 grams2 meters times
Keychain Andrew Crookston.stl
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:4011 minutes4.58 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:3610 minutes3.70 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:3513 minutes4.94 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:3219 minutes6.90 grams2.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-06-18 14:05:3133 minutes8.54 grams3.4 meters times
cimone keychain Mw.stl
GCODESTL2018-04-16 16:25:4621 minutes6.03 grams2.4 meters times
Rebecca Rubenstein (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:58:0911 minutes4.43 grams1.7 meters times
Ariel Greenaway bookmark.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:58:0710 minutes4.12 grams1.6 meters times
Katelyn McLimans (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:57:549 minutes3.40 grams1.3 meters times
Rebecca Rubenstein.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:53:409 minutes3.69 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:53:1863 minutes16.20 grams6.4 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:49:1511 minutes4.44 grams1.7 meters times
Nakisha Quander-Gross-2.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:48:3114 minutes4.95 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:48:0816 minutes6.15 grams2.4 meters times
Ammie Gray Bookmark.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:48:025 minutes1.36 grams0.5 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:47:4611 minutes3.43 grams1.3 meters times
Sarah Anderson (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:47:2111 minutes4.46 grams1.7 meters times
JP Landolt.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:47:209 minutes3.84 grams1.5 meters times
Nakisha Quander-Gross.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:47:1314 minutes4.95 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:47:129 minutes4.11 grams1.6 meters times
Mark Biz (2).stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:46:3912 minutes4.14 grams1.6 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:46:3616 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times
Dylan Keefe Bookmark.stl
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:46:349 minutes3.48 grams1.3 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:46:3212 minutes4.43 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2018-03-23 13:46:298 minutes3.40 grams1.3 meters times
Rocket_ship (1).stl
GCODESTL2018-02-07 15:17:37116 minutes28.67 grams11.3 meters times42
20x20x3mm-CalibrationCube (7).stl
GCODESTL2018-02-06 15:43:564 minutes1.38 grams0.5 meters times42
Ross Test Head.stl
GCODESTL2018-01-23 16:58:11134 minutes114.97 grams15.5 meters times
Tremendous Curcan-Hango.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-20 17:06:4818 minutes6.29 grams2.5 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-12-20 17:01:5479 minutes30.09 grams11.9 meters times
Jesus4 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:14:4113 minutes4.74 grams1.8 meters times
Brianna P. 24 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:11:3212 minutes4.89 grams1.9 meters times
Brianna Pinkney 24 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:08:2912 minutes4.89 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:08:2014 minutes5.38 grams2.1 meters times
Tory 1 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:05:4014 minutes4.64 grams1.8 meters times
Tory 1 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:03:4314 minutes4.64 grams1.8 meters times
shamerra 2 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:01:5313 minutes4.55 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 11:01:307 minutes2.43 grams0.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:5410 minutes4.11 grams1.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:487 minutes2.56 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:3911 minutes3.83 grams1.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:3513 minutes4.64 grams1.8 meters times
Denaira 22 Keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:3413 minutes4.81 grams1.9 meters times
Ravyn 21 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:3318 minutes5.43 grams2.1 meters times
Ashanti B Comp.14 Keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:2912 minutes4.91 grams1.9 meters times
Kaiya Jackson 13 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:1810 minutes4.27 grams1.7 meters times
Joshua 8 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:1712 minutes4.30 grams1.7 meters times
DeJa11 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:1411 minutes4.24 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:1214 minutes5.40 grams2.1 meters times
Brianna P. 24 keychain (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:0812 minutes4.89 grams1.9 meters times
kayla may 9 key chain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:0113 minutes4.57 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:59:0017 minutes5.30 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:5512 minutes4.35 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:5119 minutes5.68 grams2.2 meters times
RARE MBA6 KeyChain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:2320 minutes6.20 grams2.4 meters times
rafael 17 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:2213 minutes4.69 grams1.8 meters times
jarron moore key chain bs 5.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:2113 minutes4.49 grams1.7 meters times
rhea 0 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-12 10:58:1513 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times
Terrific Snicket-Wolt (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-05 16:53:3914 minutes1.76 grams0.7 meters times141
zeke house.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:52:29145 minutes51.37 grams20.3 meters times
mftth Chas cartoon lemans.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:37:07195 minutes64.85 grams25.6 meters times29
mftthlilliem (1) (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:36:28145 minutes46.18 grams18.3 meters times29
MFTTHNoahpencil box.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:30:37225 minutes191.11 grams25.7 meters times29
tth mf zori phone case.stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:30:1662 minutes20.54 grams8.1 meters times29
mfmwdakotam (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:27:3678 minutes10.64 grams4.2 meters times29
dakota mug (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-12-01 13:24:1468 minutes14.68 grams5.8 meters times29
Daring Densor.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-30 17:28:0215 minutes7.37 grams2.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-28 16:56:22198 minutes153.12 grams20.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-28 16:56:0780 minutes27.11 grams10.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-28 16:55:4122 minutes6.78 grams2.7 meters times
mfmdmorganbud (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-27 15:12:4428 minutes6.76 grams2.6 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-27 15:11:52116 minutes32.30 grams12.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-27 14:58:01102 minutes36.37 grams14.4 meters times29
tth mf zori phone case.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-21 16:02:0562 minutes20.54 grams8.1 meters times29
MF TTH Henry Balick Goodman Coffee Coaster.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-21 16:00:1720 minutes6.20 grams2.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-21 15:59:313 minutes0.34 grams0.1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-20 15:43:0470 minutes13.95 grams5.5 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-20 15:33:02420 minutes151.40 grams59.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-20 15:31:5678 minutes10.64 grams4.2 meters times29
dakota mug (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-16 17:43:28129 minutes37.71 grams14.9 meters times
dakota mug.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-16 17:41:18129 minutes37.71 grams14.9 meters times
MFTTH(Zion Greene) clock tower.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-16 16:09:45177 minutes47.18 grams18.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-16 16:02:2986 minutes27.62 grams10.9 meters times29
mftthanthony robot duck.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-16 14:48:2651 minutes16.29 grams6.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-15 15:46:13116 minutes32.30 grams12.8 meters times29
mfmdmorganbud (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-15 15:45:5928 minutes6.76 grams2.6 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-15 15:44:56185 minutes31.95 grams12.6 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-15 13:28:117 minutes2.15 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-14 17:23:03119 minutes50.45 grams19.9 meters times29
gabby world trade center.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-14 16:49:5452 minutes18.60 grams7.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-14 16:44:0269 minutes25.95 grams10.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-14 14:39:337 minutes2.15 grams0.8 meters times29
mf tth zori monument.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-14 12:56:23255 minutes92.44 grams36.6 meters times29
MF TTH Henry Balick Goodman Torii.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-14 12:46:3650 minutes11.90 grams4.7 meters times29
mftthlilliem (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-14 12:41:30145 minutes46.18 grams18.3 meters times29
nmuhammad lamp shade.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-13 17:24:10156 minutes112.89 grams15.2 meters times141
GCODESTL2017-11-13 14:06:54194 minutes62.96 grams24.9 meters times29
mfmwjasminestrawberrypot (6).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-13 12:40:33170 minutes52.67 grams20.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-13 12:21:233 minutes0.82 grams0.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-13 12:17:0278 minutes10.64 grams4.2 meters times29
mf tth zion k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 17:23:3915 minutes4.88 grams1.9 meters times
sickest figet spiner Damien.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 17:08:1625 minutes8.68 grams3.4 meters times29
baltimore landmarks Damien.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 16:52:14323 minutes101.28 grams40.1 meters times29
Stunning Borwo (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 15:04:01108 minutes17.75 grams7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-09 15:03:4810 minutes3.73 grams1.4 meters times
MF TTH Damien Keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 13:13:1424 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times29
MF TTH Henry Keychain (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-09 13:09:2218 minutes5.62 grams2.2 meters times29
mf tthf zori keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-08 13:25:5111 minutes4.56 grams1.8 meters times
MF TTHashlynn-keychain (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-08 13:24:4726 minutes8.71 grams3.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-08 13:22:1612 minutes4.67 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-08 13:20:290 minutes grams0 meters times29
mf tth zion k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-08 13:20:0715 minutes4.88 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-07 17:35:0414 minutes4.57 grams1.8 meters times
MF TTHashlynn-keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-07 17:23:0826 minutes8.71 grams3.4 meters times
mftth Mayen k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-07 17:13:5836 minutes12.90 grams1.7 meters times29
MFTTH NaKya Keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-07 17:02:349 minutes3.27 grams1.3 meters times
mftthnoah k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-07 16:44:0825 minutes9.83 grams3.9 meters times
mfmwmessiahm.stl (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-07 15:31:5788 minutes25.38 grams10 meters times29
mf mw tyren crockett.stl k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-03 12:50:5821 minutes8.52 grams3.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:45:500 minutes grams0 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:05:0717 minutes6.01 grams2.3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:04:48186 minutes31.95 grams12.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:04:20181 minutes33.61 grams13.3 meters times
Stunning Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:03:51108 minutes17.75 grams7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-02 15:03:3088 minutes25.38 grams10 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-02 13:22:2310 minutes3.73 grams1.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-02 13:14:52148 minutes45.43 grams18 meters times29
ezekiel bynum tag (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 17:35:2112 minutes3.44 grams1.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 17:23:23181 minutes33.61 grams13.3 meters times29
mf mw tyren crockett.stl k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 17:18:5421 minutes8.52 grams3.3 meters times29
mf mw kamal m.stl.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 17:06:5289 minutes20.25 grams8 meters times29
Key Ring, Letters!.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 16:54:28120 minutes42.51 grams16.8 meters times29
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 16:39:4742 minutes15.90 grams6.3 meters times29
MF MW travon K.sTL
GCODESTL2017-11-01 16:36:2713 minutes4.89 grams1.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 16:17:1725 minutes10.74 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 15:58:1711 minutes4.52 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-11-01 15:23:3617 minutes6.01 grams2.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:46:3336 minutes13.19 grams5.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:40:0222 minutes7.49 grams2.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:39:2411 minutes4.52 grams1.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:34:0125 minutes10.74 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:28:4231 minutes10.57 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:15:478 minutes2.66 grams1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:15:0925 minutes10.74 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:07:2924 minutes9.66 grams3.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:07:0411 minutes4.53 grams1.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 14:02:060 minutes grams0 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-11-01 13:43:398 minutes2.66 grams1 meters times29
mf mw kamal k.stl
GCODESTL2017-11-01 13:04:3626 minutes6.73 grams2.6 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:55:4024 minutes9.66 grams3.8 meters times29
mf mw kamal k.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:48:1526 minutes6.73 grams2.6 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:45:0831 minutes10.57 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:43:388 minutes2.66 grams1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:40:5220 minutes6.31 grams2.5 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:38:2611 minutes4.53 grams1.8 meters times29
mfmwBellak (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:30:1213 minutes5.28 grams2.1 meters times29
mfmwbellak (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:29:4551 minutes17.93 grams7.1 meters times29
GJohnson-Keychain (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:27:2214 minutes5.73 grams2.2 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:07:0117 minutes6.01 grams2.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:06:5250 minutes18.87 grams7.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:06:4322 minutes7.49 grams2.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:06:2511 minutes4.52 grams1.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:04:1912 minutes4.70 grams1.8 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:03:5325 minutes10.74 grams4.2 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:03:4856 minutes20.59 grams8.1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:03:3018 minutes7.46 grams2.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:03:2151 minutes17.93 grams7.1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:03:0410 minutes3.80 grams1.5 meters times29
mf mw kamal k.stl.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 17:02:5821 minutes12.21 grams1.6 meters times
Magnificent Fyyran-Albar (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 15:42:1646 minutes19.42 grams7.7 meters times29
Magnificent Fyyran-Albar.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-30 15:20:503 minutes1.22 grams0.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-10-30 12:46:2839 minutes8.62 grams3.4 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-30 12:42:1694 minutes27.62 grams10.9 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-30 12:31:3846 minutes15.87 grams6.3 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-30 11:51:28151 minutes51.47 grams20.4 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-30 11:38:53167 minutes52.87 grams20.9 meters times168
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-27 15:29:4213 minutes4.57 grams1.8 meters times
Funky Habbi-Jarv (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-10-26 17:13:473 minutes0.30 grams0.1 meters times
Funky Habbi-Jarv.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-26 17:08:483 minutes0.30 grams0.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-10-26 16:25:3646 minutes15.87 grams6.3 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-10-24 15:32:1310 minutes3.89 grams1.5 meters times168
Smashing Jaagub-Kup.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-11 17:00:42309 minutes106.72 grams42.2 meters times141
Smashing Snaget-Kieran.stl
GCODESTL2017-10-10 17:39:15170 minutes48.55 grams19.2 meters times141
MarylandFlag_Pendant v2.1.stl
GCODESTL2017-09-28 17:47:4515 minutes5.46 grams2.1 meters times42
GCODESTL2017-09-12 12:40:47150 minutes49.73 grams19.7 meters times29
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 15:26:5323 minutes7.90 grams3.1 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 15:03:2629 minutes20.45 grams2.7 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 14:54:0736 minutes7.77 grams3 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 14:44:0829 minutes20.45 grams2.7 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 14:33:5936 minutes7.77 grams3 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-31 13:36:5129 minutes20.45 grams2.7 meters times
lego plate modified (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-30 13:22:3112 minutes1.40 grams0.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-24 19:12:084 minutes1.27 grams0.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-24 19:12:0510 minutes3.89 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-24 19:12:047 minutes2.18 grams0.8 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-24 11:23:55150 minutes49.73 grams19.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-23 14:04:2868 minutes20.57 grams8.1 meters times
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 13:56:4917 minutes2.88 grams1.1 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 13:02:4430 minutes4.68 grams1.8 meters times137
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 13:02:1530 minutes4.68 grams1.8 meters times137
shakiera thompson 22.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:16:3118 minutes6.45 grams2.5 meters times
tekiyah mouzon 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:15:579 minutes3.67 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:08:5426 minutes10.45 grams4.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:08:4616 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
Jakayla gilliam 3.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:07:4815 minutes5.13 grams2 meters times
gabby johnson 10.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:07:3617 minutes5.71 grams2.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-22 11:07:2017 minutes6.57 grams2.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-18 16:30:2734 minutes2.82 grams1.1 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-18 16:30:1835 minutes3.81 grams1.5 meters times168
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-18 16:14:3030 minutes4.68 grams1.8 meters times157
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-18 16:06:4630 minutes4.68 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-17 17:46:1638 minutes4.83 grams1.9 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-17 16:35:0435 minutes3.81 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-17 16:31:1535 minutes3.81 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-17 15:42:5933 minutes4.34 grams1.7 meters times168
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-17 14:50:4130 minutes4.69 grams1.8 meters times137
GCODESTL2017-08-17 14:29:4237 minutes4.90 grams1.9 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-16 17:50:2660 minutes8.88 grams3.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-16 17:48:5255 minutes7.45 grams2.9 meters times168
test lip. (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-16 15:24:5228 minutes9.05 grams3.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-16 11:02:0931 minutes7.09 grams2.8 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-15 17:41:3947 minutes11.71 grams4.6 meters times168
lego-leg-v4-reflect (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-15 17:09:0428 minutes3.91 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-15 14:21:5639 minutes7.83 grams3.1 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-15 14:21:1828 minutes7.49 grams2.9 meters times168
Magnificent Blorr-Jaban (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-13 12:40:16111 minutes41.18 grams16.3 meters times
Magnificent Blorr-Jaban (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-13 11:10:0521 minutes7.44 grams2.9 meters times
Magnificent Blorr-Jaban.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-13 09:56:49111 minutes41.18 grams16.3 meters times
MF tth sorensen Project.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 19:33:27158 minutes55.19 grams21.8 meters times
fond (2) (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 19:26:23166 minutes59.01 grams23.3 meters times
fond (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 19:26:20166 minutes59.01 grams23.3 meters times
Copy of Dragon (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:40:5496 minutes49.84 grams6.7 meters times
tchasebynum-controller-accessories (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:29:01181 minutes51.57 grams20.4 meters times
teamL print2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:17:4236 minutes10.65 grams4.2 meters times171
teamL print 2 doc2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:17:4035 minutes10.81 grams4.3 meters times171
teamL print 2 doc2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:06:3835 minutes10.81 grams4.3 meters times
teamL print2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:06:3236 minutes10.65 grams4.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 17:00:04191 minutes51.73 grams20.5 meters times
Super Waasa.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 16:36:3322 minutes6.48 grams2.5 meters times
fond (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 16:00:59154 minutes52.36 grams20.7 meters times
Copy of Dragon.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 15:48:3696 minutes49.84 grams6.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 15:30:05212 minutes72.80 grams28.8 meters times
Bodacious Allis.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 15:14:0523 minutes2.66 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 14:44:37154 minutes52.36 grams20.7 meters times
Ingenious Albar.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 14:42:09154 minutes52.36 grams20.7 meters times
Glorious Leelo-Bojo.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 14:30:48155 minutes156.49 grams21.1 meters times
Funky Uusam (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 14:16:40270 minutes99.37 grams39.3 meters times
Exquisite Leelo-Rottis.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 14:12:18128 minutes41.76 grams16.5 meters times
Funky Uusam (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:44:40190 minutes198.61 grams26.7 meters times
Copy of Dragon (1) (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:21:12440 minutes332.71 grams44.8 meters times
5410709316245Copy_of_Temple (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:13:1158 minutes20.27 grams8 meters times
Funky Uusam.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:11:30190 minutes198.61 grams26.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:10:1758 minutes20.27 grams8 meters times
First Last Name-4 (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:10:1115 minutes6.01 grams2.4 meters times
Copy of Temple.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 13:04:1458 minutes20.27 grams8 meters times
Copy of bowl-3.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 12:55:08400 minutes167.14 grams66.1 meters times
First Last Name-4 (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 11:53:2015 minutes6.01 grams2.4 meters times
Copy of Copy of bowl-2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 11:53:0762 minutes22.33 grams8.8 meters times
Copy of bowl.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 11:48:2454 minutes19.10 grams7.5 meters times
Rory mousetrap part.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 11:24:16159 minutes51.50 grams20.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 11:02:3168 minutes11.35 grams4.5 meters times
Copy of Dragon.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 10:59:00439 minutes332.72 grams44.8 meters times
Hinge_1 (1).STL
GCODESTL2017-08-12 10:23:3946 minutes10.48 grams4.1 meters times333
GCODESTL2017-08-12 10:22:2546 minutes10.48 grams4.1 meters times333
Copy of Copy of bowl.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-12 09:59:3154 minutes19.10 grams7.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-12 09:39:32116 minutes38.02 grams15 meters times333
GCODESTL2017-08-12 09:39:29127 minutes119.66 grams16.1 meters times333
GCODESTL2017-08-11 21:02:57407 minutes140.05 grams55.4 meters times
Copy of RB Dingy Dong2.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-11 15:01:1030 minutes4.69 grams1.8 meters times137
GCODESTL2017-08-11 14:14:2216 minutes2.02 grams0.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-11 10:56:3926 minutes5.09 grams2 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-08-11 10:55:2126 minutes5.09 grams2 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-08-10 12:41:4646 minutes40.03 grams5.4 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-10 12:41:417 minutes2.44 grams0.9 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-10 12:27:525 minutes1.64 grams0.6 meters times42
Rbyrd Test Fit (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-10 12:01:0610 minutes1.78 grams0.7 meters times137
GCODESTL2017-08-09 19:57:1424 minutes10.27 grams4 meters times20
GCODESTL2017-08-09 18:58:116 minutes2.68 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-09 14:44:3184 minutes22.97 grams9.1 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-09 12:33:1727 minutes3.90 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-09 12:25:44106 minutes28.23 grams11.1 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-09 11:38:5728 minutes3.93 grams1.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-09 11:27:5616 minutes6.08 grams0.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-08-09 10:42:5118 minutes3.54 grams1.4 meters times168
Rbyrd Test Fit (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-09 10:36:1210 minutes1.78 grams0.7 meters times137
Rbyrd Test Fit (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-09 10:10:3410 minutes1.78 grams0.7 meters times137
GCODESTL2017-08-09 09:56:5932 minutes9.12 grams3.6 meters times168
Rbyrd Test Fit (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-09 09:46:4010 minutes1.78 grams0.7 meters times137
GCODESTL2017-08-09 09:28:4119 minutes3.48 grams1.3 meters times168
Rbyrd Test Fit.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-08 16:03:5810 minutes1.79 grams0.7 meters times137
BRAIN (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-08-08 15:48:094 minutes0.62 grams0.2 meters times166
Royels Test Fit.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-08 15:44:3510 minutes1.80 grams0.7 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-08 15:32:095 minutes0.77 grams0.3 meters times166
GCODESTL2017-08-08 11:25:3225 minutes4.34 grams1.7 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-08 11:25:3218 minutes3.49 grams1.4 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-08 11:03:368 minutes0.80 grams0.3 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-08 10:29:138 minutes0.74 grams0.3 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-07 12:35:418 minutes0.89 grams0.3 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-07 12:30:2510 minutes0.99 grams0.4 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-04 14:49:3713 minutes1.58 grams0.6 meters times168
Magnificent Fyyran.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-04 14:36:0575 minutes67.08 grams9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-04 12:25:2084 minutes69.07 grams9.3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-04 12:20:4813 minutes1.80 grams0.7 meters times168
Ingenious Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-04 11:19:2820 minutes15.40 grams2 meters times
Grand Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-04 10:51:5252 minutes11.54 grams4.5 meters times123
Copy of mr_piranha (1).gcode
GCODESTL2017-08-04 10:37:360 minutes grams0 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-08-04 09:27:0312 minutes1.60 grams0.6 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-04 08:55:420 minutes grams0 meters times168
Ingenious Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-03 16:16:3920 minutes15.40 grams2 meters times
Ingenious Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-03 15:11:5046 minutes35.91 grams4.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-08-03 14:07:48177 minutes138.27 grams18.6 meters times
Lego Test v1.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-03 12:14:2316 minutes1.78 grams0.7 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-08-03 11:01:5231 minutes9.51 grams3.7 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-08-02 12:01:0221 minutes6.88 grams2.7 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-08-02 11:40:127 minutes5.03 grams0.6 meters times119
iphone 4 case.stl
GCODESTL2017-08-01 15:16:1921 minutes7.96 grams3.1 meters times123
Smooth Turing-Amberis.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-28 11:43:5117 minutes1.97 grams0.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-28 11:13:34365 minutes145.26 grams57.5 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-27 15:12:280 minutes grams0 meters times123
Brilliant Stantia-Vihelmo.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-27 11:59:52431 minutes429.31 grams57.8 meters times166
GCODESTL2017-07-26 14:38:2122 minutes5.54 grams2.2 meters times123
Drink the Sea.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-25 11:30:1721 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-25 11:25:4560 minutes20.82 grams2.8 meters times123
Grand Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-25 11:25:4552 minutes11.54 grams4.5 meters times123
XY_resonance_1.0mm_walls (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-24 14:45:4322 minutes5.54 grams2.2 meters times123
Drink the Sea.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-24 14:45:2921 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-24 14:44:4022 minutes5.54 grams2.2 meters times123
Crows or hoz.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-24 14:13:596 minutes2.24 grams0.9 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-24 14:12:31465 minutes142.26 grams56.3 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-24 11:48:5231 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times119
Crows or hoz.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-24 11:18:566 minutes2.24 grams0.9 meters times123
15x15x15_Die_w-_6_Top (1).gcode
GCODESTL2017-07-24 11:12:580 minutes grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-24 11:06:5431 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-24 11:05:249 minutes3.20 grams1.2 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-24 10:57:59465 minutes142.26 grams56.3 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-21 15:17:116 minutes2.02 grams0.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-21 15:03:015 minutes1.52 grams0.6 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-21 14:54:466 minutes2.31 grams0.9 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-21 14:52:54171 minutes54.06 grams21.4 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-21 14:36:127 minutes2.33 grams0.9 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-21 14:23:355 minutes1.90 grams0.7 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-21 14:08:587 minutes2.35 grams0.9 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 12:53:23118 minutes20.94 grams8.3 meters times123
arc_gimbal_9_150_spiral (1) (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-20 12:29:12271 minutes242.82 grams32.7 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 11:04:2722 minutes5.66 grams2.2 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:55:3919 minutes7.91 grams3.1 meters times123
arc_gimbal_9_150_spiral (1) (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:53:44271 minutes242.82 grams32.7 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:52:5144 minutes3.47 grams1.3 meters times123
width-calibration (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:45:2811 minutes4.61 grams1.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:35:4744 minutes3.47 grams1.3 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:31:3811 minutes4.61 grams1.8 meters times123
bridging_test (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:27:0129 minutes17.88 grams2.4 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:23:2925 minutes20.83 grams2.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-20 10:19:2825 minutes20.83 grams2.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-19 14:09:2221 minutes6.68 grams2.6 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-19 10:49:5560 minutes20.82 grams2.8 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-18 12:00:1664 minutes22.24 grams3 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-18 11:56:0464 minutes22.24 grams3 meters times123
Grand Borwo.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-18 10:29:4852 minutes11.54 grams4.5 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-18 10:15:2531 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-18 10:15:1931 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-17 15:19:5331 minutes9.79 grams3.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-17 15:11:3734 minutes5.24 grams2 meters times48
GCODESTL2017-07-17 15:11:3534 minutes5.24 grams2 meters times48
GCODESTL2017-07-17 15:11:3134 minutes5.24 grams2 meters times48
GCODESTL2017-07-17 10:48:3556 minutes51.98 grams7 meters times119
Funky Vihelmo-Amberis.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 15:34:51169 minutes59.10 grams23.4 meters times137
ABarrera (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 14:09:0989 minutes21.55 grams8.5 meters times189
miranda hook.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 13:43:4367 minutes23.57 grams9.3 meters times225
miranda hook.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 13:40:4767 minutes23.57 grams9.3 meters times225
GCODESTL2017-07-14 12:45:4827 minutes3.39 grams1.3 meters times189
oh my hecc it a snek (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 11:51:3190 minutes84.24 grams11.3 meters times166
big card holder.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 11:35:0290 minutes31.21 grams12.3 meters times166
big card holder.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 11:34:3990 minutes31.21 grams12.3 meters times166
big card holder.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-14 11:34:3189 minutes31.21 grams12.3 meters times166
15x15x15_Die_w-_6_Top (1).gcode
GCODESTL2017-07-14 10:57:530 minutes grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-14 10:57:280 minutes grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-14 10:57:280 minutes grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-14 10:57:240 minutes grams0 meters times119
big card holder.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 15:21:2790 minutes31.21 grams12.3 meters times166
Drink the Sea.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 14:57:2921 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times123
Copy of Recorder Mouthpiece.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 14:44:3657 minutes5.93 grams2.3 meters times
Copy of Recorder Mouthpiece.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 14:25:5957 minutes5.93 grams2.3 meters times
oh my hecc it a snek.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 14:16:32120 minutes44.79 grams17.7 meters times166
kr black.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 13:57:037 minutes2.50 grams1 meters times123
kor black (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 13:32:588 minutes3.21 grams1.2 meters times123
kor black.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 12:29:049 minutes3.40 grams1.3 meters times123
kor black (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 11:59:3411 minutes4.02 grams1.6 meters times123
15x15x15_Die_w-_6_Top (1).gcode
GCODESTL2017-07-13 11:44:050 minutes grams0 meters times119
kor black.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 11:25:2211 minutes4.20 grams1.6 meters times123
kor white.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-13 10:18:3882 minutes35.23 grams13.9 meters times123
kor redblue.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 14:54:207 minutes2.47 grams1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-12 14:39:587 minutes2.47 grams1 meters times123
kor white (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 14:32:4072 minutes31.67 grams12.5 meters times123
kor red.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 13:57:173 minutes0.98 grams0.4 meters times123
kor red.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 13:55:493 minutes0.98 grams0.4 meters times123
kor white.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 13:47:4315 minutes6.97 grams2.7 meters times123
kor black.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-12 13:45:374 minutes1.17 grams0.4 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-12 12:29:1179 minutes23.17 grams9.1 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-12 12:28:5062 minutes21.94 grams8.7 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-12 12:16:090 minutes0.12 grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-12 12:15:570 minutes0.12 grams0 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-12 10:38:0418 minutes7.92 grams3.1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-12 10:09:5218 minutes7.92 grams3.1 meters times123
miranda hook (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-11 16:01:0667 minutes23.57 grams9.3 meters times225
miranda hook.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-11 14:53:1930 minutes10.28 grams4 meters times225
GCODESTL2017-07-11 14:45:4218 minutes7.92 grams3.1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-11 14:35:5949 minutes19.84 grams7.8 meters times123
playing-card-90degree (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-11 12:03:117 minutes0.96 grams0.4 meters times20
Powerful Lahdi-Juttuli.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-11 11:41:5621 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-11 11:18:44105 minutes28.48 grams11.2 meters times123
GCODESTL2017-07-11 10:21:0231 minutes9.73 grams3.8 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-11 10:15:24118 minutes21.43 grams8.5 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-11 10:13:58118 minutes21.43 grams8.5 meters times119
GCODESTL2017-07-10 16:47:11224 minutes70.64 grams27.9 meters times166
15x15x15mm Die.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-10 14:23:5316 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times119
lego plate modified (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 13:59:5612 minutes1.40 grams0.5 meters times29
lego plate.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:57:5712 minutes1.40 grams0.5 meters times29
lego plate modified (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:56:3512 minutes1.40 grams0.5 meters times29
lego plate modified.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:50:4010 minutes1.36 grams0.5 meters times29
lego plate (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:49:0512 minutes1.40 grams0.5 meters times29
lego plate (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:40:3813 minutes1.54 grams0.6 meters times29
lego plate.stl
GCODESTL2017-07-06 12:02:3811 minutes1.42 grams0.5 meters times29
5397046059952Sizzling_Tumelo (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 13:25:1145 minutes18.36 grams7.2 meters times153
GCODESTL2017-06-30 13:25:0485 minutes36.13 grams14.3 meters times153
GCODESTL2017-06-30 13:24:4571 minutes29.62 grams11.7 meters times153
jack 38 arms (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 11:16:4511 minutes2.54 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:59:049 minutes2.88 grams1.1 meters times29
amaya head.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:40:5126 minutes4.84 grams1.9 meters times
leg, amaya (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:38:267 minutes1.04 grams0.4 meters times
Kalim34 rightarm (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:37:1226 minutes4.28 grams1.7 meters times
Kalim34 leftarm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:37:1026 minutes4.21 grams1.6 meters times
Kalim34 leftleg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:36:2926 minutes4.33 grams1.7 meters times
Kalim34 rightleg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:36:2826 minutes4.36 grams1.7 meters times
Dominic Penguin head and body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:32:4942 minutes39.32 grams5.3 meters times
Dominic Penguin limbs and hat.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:32:1824 minutes17.33 grams2.3 meters times
amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:28:5610 minutes2.31 grams0.9 meters times
jack 38 arms (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:28:0311 minutes2.54 grams1 meters times
tori21 (8).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:28:009 minutes2.88 grams1.1 meters times
amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:27:0110 minutes2.31 grams0.9 meters times
kj modified.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:26:3710 minutes3.90 grams1.5 meters times29
leg, amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:15:549 minutes1.48 grams0.6 meters times
little shoulders for robot.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:07:1711 minutes1.75 grams0.7 meters times
aidyn 11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:06:5511 minutes3.79 grams1.5 meters times
Grand Blorr-Stantia.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 10:05:1317 minutes6.28 grams2.5 meters times
tori21 (6).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:49:3436 minutes12.80 grams5 meters times
new pieces kj part threee.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:44:0316 minutes6.25 grams2.4 meters times
new pieces kj-2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:31:3429 minutes11.04 grams4.3 meters times
stick for robot movment.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:30:276 minutes0.57 grams0.2 meters times
left and right foot for robot.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:28:0224 minutes3.32 grams1.3 meters times
left and right arm for robot.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:23:2836 minutes4.99 grams1.9 meters times
robot doll head luis.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:21:3626 minutes6.03 grams2.4 meters times
jack38 legs (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:20:0822 minutes5.44 grams2.1 meters times
feet amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:18:595 minutes0.74 grams0.3 meters times
puppet torso markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:16:228 minutes1.05 grams0.4 meters times
uriah hat.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:16:1438 minutes9.48 grams3.7 meters times
puppet topbody markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:16:1319 minutes2.47 grams0.9 meters times
jack 38 arms (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:16:0816 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times
bottom torso markell puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:15:5916 minutes1.57 grams0.6 meters times
puppet arm 2 markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:15:4111 minutes1.92 grams0.7 meters times
puppet arm markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:15:3211 minutes1.91 grams0.7 meters times
new pieces kj.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:13:5724 minutes9.33 grams3.7 meters times
jack 38 body (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:13:3416 minutes5.21 grams2 meters times
elizabeth puppet 2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:12:516 minutes1.32 grams0.5 meters times
beyonce puppet (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:12:0550 minutes36.40 grams4.9 meters times
beyonce puppet (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:11:2317 minutes4.81 grams1.9 meters times
beyonce puppet (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-30 09:10:3429 minutes7.25 grams2.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 15:18:385 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-29 15:17:2825 minutes8.32 grams3.3 meters times
Dominic Penguin limbs and hat.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 12:00:0814 minutes10.38 grams1.4 meters times
Dominic Penguin head and body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:59:4027 minutes9.09 grams3.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:51:41242 minutes59.09 grams23.4 meters times
Kalim32 body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:50:29112 minutes37.19 grams14.7 meters times
Kalim32 right arm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:49:0926 minutes4.28 grams1.7 meters times
Kalim32 left arm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:48:2226 minutes4.22 grams1.6 meters times
Chas flareon mareonette.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:47:5358 minutes44.17 grams5.9 meters times
Kalim32 left leg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:47:3726 minutes4.33 grams1.7 meters times
Kalim32 right leg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:47:3626 minutes4.36 grams1.7 meters times
jack38head (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:41:0726 minutes2.96 grams1.1 meters times
jack 38 body (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:39:4814 minutes4.25 grams1.7 meters times
jack38 body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:22:472 minutes0.36 grams0.1 meters times
leg, amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:20:1512 minutes3.56 grams1.4 meters times
aidyn 11 feet take two.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:20:0015 minutes5.93 grams2.3 meters times
aidyn body take 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:19:4518 minutes7.71 grams3 meters times
Funky Trug.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:19:3937 minutes7.04 grams2.8 meters times
aidyn arms take 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:19:369 minutes3.70 grams1.4 meters times
left and right arm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:19:3650 minutes9.55 grams3.8 meters times
feet amaya (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:16:313 minutes0.32 grams0.1 meters times
feet amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:16:313 minutes0.32 grams0.1 meters times
feet amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:13:032 minutes0.32 grams0.1 meters times
jack 38 body (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 11:00:443 minutes0.34 grams0.1 meters times
Brianna - Puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:55:2520 minutes6.84 grams2.7 meters times
jack 38 arms.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:51:4616 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times
amaya head.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:46:5626 minutes4.84 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:45:5910 minutes2.32 grams0.9 meters times
puppet leg 2 markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:44:1912 minutes2.99 grams1.2 meters times
puppet leg markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:44:1011 minutes2.99 grams1.2 meters times
bottom torso markell puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:43:5016 minutes1.57 grams0.6 meters times
puppet topbody markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:43:4019 minutes2.47 grams0.9 meters times
puppet arm 2 markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:43:2511 minutes1.92 grams0.7 meters times
puppet arm 2 markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:43:1111 minutes1.92 grams0.7 meters times
bottom torso markell puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:42:5816 minutes1.57 grams0.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:33:1588 minutes30.08 grams11.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:31:5712 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:31:3436 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:31:3036 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:29:3345 minutes15.72 grams6.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:29:2845 minutes15.72 grams6.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:27:5545 minutes15.72 grams6.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:26:2588 minutes30.08 grams11.9 meters times
Aidyn 11 body take 2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:25:2324 minutes5.14 grams2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:22:4412 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:22:2612 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:21:4612 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:21:4012 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
Mia 3 Puppet Legs (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:19:245 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
Mia 3 Puppet Arms (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:19:204 minutes1.71 grams0.6 meters times
Aidyn 11 body take 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:18:5324 minutes5.14 grams2 meters times
jack38 legs.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:18:3922 minutes5.37 grams2.1 meters times
beyonce puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:17:4283 minutes72.18 grams9.7 meters times
elizabeth puppet 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:17:2547 minutes15.07 grams5.9 meters times
elizabeth puppet 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:16:5825 minutes8.32 grams3.3 meters times
amaya body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:16:3522 minutes6.39 grams2.5 meters times
amaya joints.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:16:2510 minutes2.09 grams0.8 meters times
joshua 29 right leg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:12:1518 minutes3.47 grams1.3 meters times
joshua 29 left leg.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:12:0118 minutes3.47 grams1.3 meters times
joshua 29 left arm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:11:3337 minutes8.73 grams3.4 meters times
joshua 29 body and head.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:11:1993 minutes28.87 grams11.4 meters times
joshua 29 right arm.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:09:5939 minutes8.94 grams3.5 meters times
tori21 (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:09:1839 minutes14.98 grams5.9 meters times
kj puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:04:1131 minutes8.50 grams3.3 meters times
kj puppet-2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:03:4229 minutes11.26 grams4.4 meters times
kj puppet 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 10:03:4231 minutes8.51 grams3.3 meters times
jade puppet 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:55:3415 minutes5.71 grams2.2 meters times
leg, amaya (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:54:5612 minutes3.56 grams1.4 meters times
jack 38 body.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:52:1312 minutes4.34 grams1.7 meters times
Body of robot.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:42:1627 minutes6.78 grams2.7 meters times
amaya (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:27:1010 minutes2.34 grams0.9 meters times
coral bottom jaw.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:24:2888 minutes30.08 grams11.9 meters times
Mia 3 Puppet Arms.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:16:334 minutes1.72 grams0.7 meters times
Mia 3 Puppet Legs.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:16:305 minutes2.27 grams0.9 meters times
Aidyn 11 marionett.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:11:3825 minutes18.97 grams2.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-29 09:10:542 minutes0.34 grams0.1 meters times
coral top jaw.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:54:2788 minutes30.08 grams11.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:48:321 minutes0.30 grams0.1 meters times
puppet head markell.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:47:1343 minutes11.70 grams4.6 meters times
zip tie joints.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:43:227 minutes1.76 grams0.7 meters times29
jade puppet 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:41:007 minutes3.10 grams1.2 meters times
Mia 3 Puppet.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 11:35:293 minutes1.21 grams0.5 meters times
castle fountain aidyn 11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:41:4521 minutes4.67 grams1.8 meters times
kj_tv (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:40:246 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
kj (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:30:0126 minutes11.25 grams4.4 meters times
kj wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:29:5226 minutes11.42 grams4.5 meters times
kj tv stand.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:29:435 minutes0.53 grams0.2 meters times
important wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:29:3473 minutes33.01 grams13 meters times
important wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-28 09:08:5873 minutes33.01 grams13 meters times
hotel furniture (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 13:15:3131 minutes7.79 grams3.1 meters times
hotel furniture 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 13:15:2932 minutes7.86 grams3.1 meters times
hotel furniture.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:44:3752 minutes15.44 grams6.1 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:43:0325 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:42:4725 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:42:4625 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:42:2925 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:42:2725 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:41:5251 minutes22.14 grams8.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:41:4625 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:41:3151 minutes22.14 grams8.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:41:2725 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:33:4251 minutes22.14 grams8.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:33:3825 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:33:1251 minutes22.14 grams8.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:33:1225 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
elizabeth walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:30:4525 minutes11.14 grams4.4 meters times29
elizabeth walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:29:3551 minutes22.14 grams8.7 meters times29
beyonce walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:24:2941 minutes17.77 grams7 meters times29
beyonce walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:24:2263 minutes27.72 grams10.9 meters times29
beyonce walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:23:1941 minutes17.77 grams7 meters times29
beyonce walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:22:4263 minutes27.72 grams10.9 meters times29
beyonce walls 3.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:19:2075 minutes33.02 grams13 meters times29
beyonce walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 12:17:3941 minutes17.77 grams7 meters times29
beyonce walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:57:0863 minutes27.72 grams10.9 meters times29
beyonce walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:56:0241 minutes17.77 grams7 meters times29
markell fossil.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:43:5446 minutes19.61 grams7.7 meters times29
amaya walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:41:4752 minutes22.23 grams8.8 meters times29
amaya walls 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:40:5252 minutes22.23 grams8.8 meters times29
amaya doorway.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:40:5028 minutes11.81 grams4.6 meters times29
Futuristic Restaurant Part Two modified.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:31:4035 minutes12.52 grams4.9 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:20:3544 minutes18.61 grams7.3 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:20:1944 minutes18.61 grams7.3 meters times
mia castle walls 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:20:1222 minutes9.28 grams3.6 meters times
tori21 modifed.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:10:5580 minutes22.05 grams8.7 meters times
Castle Transport.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:10:0345 minutes15.72 grams6.2 meters times
uriah fossils 34.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 11:01:1227 minutes3.99 grams1.6 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:58:1451 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
jack 38 (6).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:58:118 minutes0.69 grams0.2 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:57:5651 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:57:4851 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:57:3051 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
Futuristic Restaurant Part Two.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:45:1771 minutes10.14 grams4 meters times
kj_tv (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:34:146 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
kj_tv (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:33:496 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
jack38 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:26:0443 minutes11.93 grams4.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:25:1023 minutes7.39 grams2.9 meters times
castle taco aidyn11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:24:4343 minutes11.22 grams4.4 meters times
walls amaya (7).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:24:2375 minutes19.33 grams7.6 meters times
walls amaya (6).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:23:5775 minutes19.33 grams7.6 meters times
walls amaya (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:23:5472 minutes13.61 grams5.4 meters times
walls amaya (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:22:4274 minutes19.33 grams7.6 meters times
walls amaya (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:22:2677 minutes18.45 grams7.3 meters times
walls amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:22:1571 minutes13.61 grams5.4 meters times
Smashing Albar-Esboo.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:22:0243 minutes11.22 grams4.4 meters times
kj wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:21:5326 minutes11.42 grams4.5 meters times
kj wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:21:3526 minutes11.42 grams4.5 meters times
kj wall piece.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:21:3326 minutes11.42 grams4.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:20:4118 minutes7.26 grams2.8 meters times
kj_tv (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:18:526 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
walls amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:18:27147 minutes51.85 grams20.5 meters times
kj_tv (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:18:106 minutes2.25 grams0.9 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:11:1951 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
jack38 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:09:1243 minutes11.93 grams4.7 meters times
middle cone amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:08:5024 minutes3.66 grams1.4 meters times
jack38 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:07:5610 minutes4.02 grams1.6 meters times
jade hotel arcade furniture.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:05:1185 minutes27.19 grams10.7 meters times
kj tv stand.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:04:535 minutes0.53 grams0.2 meters times
coral lego chair 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 10:01:3424 minutes14.54 grams1.9 meters times
tori21 (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:58:55177 minutes65.81 grams26 meters times
kj_tv (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:58:536 minutes2.13 grams0.8 meters times
tower amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:58:26158 minutes142.25 grams19.1 meters times
elizabeth room (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:57:3299 minutes31.90 grams12.6 meters times
tori 21.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:57:3155 minutes18.63 grams7.3 meters times
coral hotel room.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:55:04142 minutes47.32 grams18.7 meters times
team hotel arcade room 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:53:05108 minutes36.96 grams14.6 meters times
team hotel arcade room 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:52:5890 minutes30.26 grams12 meters times
kj chair.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:52:5723 minutes3.44 grams1.3 meters times
group hotel arcade (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:51:4884 minutes27.37 grams10.8 meters times
group hotel arcade.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:50:4985 minutes27.37 grams10.8 meters times
markell fossil.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:50:1576 minutes33.49 grams13.2 meters times
kj (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:50:1526 minutes11.25 grams4.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:49:50190 minutes168.69 grams22.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:49:47190 minutes168.69 grams22.7 meters times
kj_tv (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:45:396 minutes2.13 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:39:266 minutes2.13 grams0.8 meters times
Mia 3 Castle walls.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:34:5251 minutes13.83 grams5.4 meters times
Daring Maimu-Fyyran.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:34:3332 minutes12.69 grams5 meters times
kj tv.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:34:005 minutes1.98 grams0.8 meters times
tower cone amaya.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:4836 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
tower cone amaya (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:4436 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
Dominic Part 3 of cupholder.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:3221 minutes8.15 grams3.2 meters times
Dominic cupholder part 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:2935 minutes14.10 grams5.6 meters times
tower cone amaya (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:1836 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
tower cone amaya (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:33:1536 minutes5.35 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:32:375 minutes5.28 grams2.1 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:32:235 minutes1.98 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:31:505 minutes1.98 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:31:225 minutes1.98 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:26:5318 minutes7.69 grams3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:25:1981 minutes27.85 grams11 meters times
Dominic #22 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:24:2881 minutes27.85 grams11 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:24:1514 minutes6.01 grams2.3 meters times
Dominic #22 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:20:4214 minutes6.01 grams2.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:19:1617 minutes7.50 grams2.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:18:4617 minutes7.50 grams2.9 meters times
Bodacious Kup-Amur (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:17:3193 minutes77.96 grams10.5 meters times
Bodacious Kup-Amur (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:16:5779 minutes41.33 grams5.5 meters times
Bodacious Kup-Amur (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:16:42169 minutes54.92 grams21.7 meters times
Bodacious Kup-Amur (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:16:3080 minutes56.84 grams7.6 meters times
Incredible Bombul.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-27 09:15:18112 minutes37.85 grams15 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-27 08:50:385 minutes2.26 grams0.9 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-06-26 17:00:205 minutes5.75 grams2.2 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-06-26 16:43:3016 minutes5.91 grams2.3 meters times168
elizabeth fidget spinner.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 13:41:1220 minutes6.79 grams2.7 meters times29
jack 38 (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 10:47:1246 minutes5.29 grams2.1 meters times
elizabeth lego (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 10:36:3612 minutes1.61 grams0.6 meters times
outlaw partner aidyn11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 10:32:1728 minutes3.05 grams1.2 meters times
elizabeth lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:53:2912 minutes1.61 grams0.6 meters times
jade lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:41:2624 minutes2.96 grams1.1 meters times
Amaya clip modified.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:38:5398 minutes35.21 grams13.9 meters times
tori21 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:33:1678 minutes30.31 grams12 meters times
jack 38 (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:31:1746 minutes5.28 grams2.1 meters times
Brave Maimu-Bruticus.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:29:40105 minutes35.52 grams14 meters times
outlaw partner aidyn11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:26:5228 minutes3.05 grams1.2 meters times
coral lego chair 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:25:3512 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
tori21 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-26 09:24:2677 minutes30.26 grams12 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 13:43:4032 minutes8.01 grams3.1 meters times42
rene13 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:48:207 minutes1.18 grams0.4 meters times
rene lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:45:2019 minutes7.81 grams3.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:45:0319 minutes7.81 grams3.1 meters times
kj and rene made this this.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:44:222 minutes0.88 grams0.3 meters times
jack 38 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:43:1746 minutes5.28 grams2.1 meters times
ben 6 (8).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:33:5125 minutes9.50 grams3.7 meters times
Markell lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:30:4613 minutes2.03 grams0.8 meters times
Mia 17 Lego Product(1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:28:0025 minutes2.94 grams1.1 meters times
outlaw partner aidyn11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:20:1628 minutes3.05 grams1.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:18:0519 minutes7.81 grams3.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:16:4776 minutes30.23 grams11.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:14:3132 minutes8.01 grams3.1 meters times
Amaya cup (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:12:041 minutes0.15 grams0 meters times
coral lego chair 13 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:11:5812 minutes2.55 grams1 meters times
Ben 6 (7).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:09:1212 minutes1.27 grams0.5 meters times
Stunning Habbi-Bruticus (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:07:3886 minutes32.82 grams13 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:04:3732 minutes8.01 grams3.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:03:5832 minutes8.01 grams3.1 meters times
Jade phone grip thingy.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:03:4550 minutes34.88 grams4.7 meters times
jade phone grip 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:03:2119 minutes6.72 grams2.6 meters times
ben 6 (5).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:01:4339 minutes6.30 grams2.5 meters times
Copy of ben 6.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 11:00:21157 minutes49.08 grams19.4 meters times
Bodacious Kup.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:59:5278 minutes25.32 grams10 meters times
Amaya clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:54:3899 minutes35.59 grams14.1 meters times
Amaya cup.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:53:041 minutes0.14 grams0 meters times
rene lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:51:3219 minutes7.81 grams3.1 meters times
Mia 12 tray.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:50:1137 minutes8.84 grams3.5 meters times
coral lego chair 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:47:3230 minutes3.75 grams1.5 meters times
Ben 6 (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:46:484 minutes0.54 grams0.2 meters times
Frantic Jarv-Krunk-3.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:46:2433 minutes8.49 grams3.3 meters times
Ben 6 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:44:527 minutes2.56 grams1 meters times
Ben 6 (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:44:348 minutes0.85 grams0.3 meters times
Ben 6 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:44:322 minutes0.39 grams0.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:42:2141 minutes10.38 grams4.1 meters times
lele lego (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:41:1520 minutes3.07 grams1.2 meters times
jade lego baseball.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:39:332 minutes0.24 grams0.1 meters times
jade lego.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:39:3216 minutes2.08 grams0.8 meters times
jack 38 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:39:298 minutes0.94 grams0.3 meters times
Mia 17 lego brick.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:28:5312 minutes1.61 grams0.6 meters times
aidyn 11 block.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:22:539 minutes1.07 grams0.4 meters times
Amazing Jofo-Tumelo.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:21:359 minutes1.07 grams0.4 meters times
Terrific Sango.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:21:348 minutes0.94 grams0.3 meters times
Ben 6.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:20:3610 minutes1.08 grams0.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-23 10:11:2512 minutes1.54 grams0.6 meters times
Frantic Jarv-Krunk.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 09:22:3565 minutes17.61 grams6.9 meters times
Frantic Jarv-Krunk-2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-23 09:22:1433 minutes8.49 grams3.3 meters times
rhea lego test 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 14:40:529 minutes2.93 grams1.1 meters times29
rhea lego test.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 13:15:056 minutes1.70 grams0.6 meters times
Chas Prankster Gangster tool holder (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 12:35:29104 minutes35.53 grams14 meters times
Jade phone grip thingy (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 11:44:3950 minutes34.88 grams4.7 meters times
jade phone grip 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 11:44:1819 minutes6.72 grams2.6 meters times
cookie (8).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 11:30:5016 minutes5.31 grams2.1 meters times
Frantic Jarv-Krunk.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 10:22:3565 minutes17.62 grams6.9 meters times
Mars House.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 10:10:02176 minutes61.60 grams24.4 meters times
New table clip Kalim (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 10:01:2495 minutes23.36 grams9.2 meters times
ben 23.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 10:01:1290 minutes6.96 grams2.7 meters times
Piece of Cup Clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 10:00:5547 minutes15.52 grams6.1 meters times
jack 38 back (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:59:5348 minutes21.60 grams8.5 meters times
jack 38 front (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:58:4153 minutes11.92 grams4.7 meters times
tori20 (4).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:55:0566 minutes20.11 grams7.9 meters times
coral35 tableclip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:54:5249 minutes16.06 grams6.3 meters times
BriannaBeyonce_Table Clip (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:49:5943 minutes15.28 grams6 meters times
Mia 12 clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:46:0237 minutes8.84 grams3.5 meters times
Mia 12 tray.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:45:5920 minutes8.61 grams3.4 meters times
Amaya clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:45:1563 minutes22.34 grams8.8 meters times
aidyn11 tableclip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:44:3537 minutes14.33 grams5.6 meters times
clip 32.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:41:1743 minutes14.58 grams5.7 meters times
ben 17 (10).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:40:2716 minutes4.77 grams1.9 meters times
New table clip Kalim.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:39:1243 minutes14.64 grams5.8 meters times
Table clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:30:13172 minutes60.60 grams24 meters times
ben 17 (9).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:28:4712 minutes2.30 grams0.9 meters times
ben 17 (7).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:27:0312 minutes2.46 grams0.9 meters times
table clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-22 09:07:30161 minutes52.45 grams20.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:38:32116 minutes28.86 grams11.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:37:19116 minutes28.86 grams11.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:36:3621 minutes3.64 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:35:10100 minutes34.58 grams13.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:34:5621 minutes3.64 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 15:34:1831 minutes10.45 grams4.1 meters times
clip part.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 13:44:1526 minutes5.79 grams2.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-21 13:20:2330 minutes10.45 grams4.1 meters times29
Dominic Cup holder part.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:53:36116 minutes28.86 grams11.4 meters times
joshua clip pt 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:49:5321 minutes3.64 grams1.4 meters times
Chas Prankster Gangster tool holder.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:26:28100 minutes34.58 grams13.7 meters times
Amaya clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:24:5813 minutes2.64 grams1 meters times
BriannaBeyonce_Table Clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:23:5742 minutes14.81 grams5.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:21:3544 minutes9.89 grams3.9 meters times
Markell table clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:18:58100 minutes17.14 grams6.8 meters times
jack 38 back.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:16:2248 minutes21.60 grams8.5 meters times
jack 38 front.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:15:4631 minutes9.16 grams3.6 meters times
tori20 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:11:1832 minutes9.83 grams3.9 meters times
Elizabeth 5 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:10:5219 minutes6.46 grams2.5 meters times
table clip Aidyn 11 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:10:3790 minutes17.50 grams6.9 meters times
table clip Aidyn 11 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:09:4190 minutes17.50 grams6.9 meters times
coral35 tableclip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:06:4047 minutes15.09 grams5.9 meters times
elizabeth clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 11:04:0526 minutes5.68 grams2.2 meters times
bradley4 redo (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:58:0313 minutes5.18 grams2 meters times
Jade phone grip thingy.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:57:488 minutes0.73 grams0.3 meters times
Table cup kalim.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:52:26203 minutes71.13 grams28.1 meters times
Mia 12.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:51:5957 minutes11.86 grams4.7 meters times
Table cup.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:50:43204 minutes71.13 grams28.1 meters times
Table cup.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:50:09204 minutes71.13 grams28.1 meters times
Clip part.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:42:0651 minutes9.20 grams3.6 meters times
Table clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:27:35171 minutes60.14 grams23.8 meters times
Clip part.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:26:0271 minutes15.04 grams5.9 meters times
Jelani 12.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:25:5711 minutes4.45 grams1.7 meters times
table clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:23:19211 minutes76.08 grams30.1 meters times
BriannaBeyonce_Table Clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 10:03:1946 minutes15.99 grams6.3 meters times
bradley4 (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-21 08:58:5713 minutes5.18 grams2 meters times
Bradley keychain 2.0.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 13:49:2913 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times48
bradley keychain.gcode
GCODESTL2017-06-20 13:40:130 minutes grams0 meters times48
bradley keychain.gcode
GCODESTL2017-06-20 13:33:190 minutes grams0 meters times48
Ben landscape.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 11:16:31332 minutes131.24 grams51.9 meters times
Ben opera house.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 11:09:57122 minutes38.36 grams15.2 meters times
Copy of Baltimore, Maryland.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 11:05:51157 minutes44.30 grams17.5 meters times
Copy of House.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 11:03:13670 minutes214.27 grams84.8 meters times
Beyonce20 keychain.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 10:40:3911 minutes4.55 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-20 10:40:3616 minutes4.76 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-20 10:13:458 minutes3.46 grams1.3 meters times
new 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-20 09:50:2713 minutes5.00 grams2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-20 09:33:0013 minutes5.55 grams2.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:18:109 minutes2.76 grams1.1 meters times
Markell 1 update completed.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:15:439 minutes3.49 grams1.4 meters times
tori 20.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:12:5016 minutes4.58 grams1.8 meters times
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:10:1416 minutes4.58 grams1.8 meters times
Amaya 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:09:2211 minutes4.43 grams1.7 meters times
Dominic #22.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:09:0414 minutes6.01 grams2.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:08:5011 minutes4.66 grams1.8 meters times
Kalim, KJ 16.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:07:1813 minutes4.80 grams1.9 meters times
Aidyn 11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:06:059 minutes3.42 grams1.3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:06:0312 minutes4.43 grams1.7 meters times
Luis 32.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:06:0212 minutes4.64 grams1.8 meters times
Ben G. 9.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:06:0013 minutes4.50 grams1.8 meters times
jack 38.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:5413 minutes4.98 grams1.9 meters times
Elizabeth 5.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:5224 minutes9.61 grams3.8 meters times
Mia 3.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:5012 minutes4.01 grams1.6 meters times
Chas 10.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:4913 minutes5.02 grams2 meters times
rhea 0.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:4814 minutes4.94 grams1.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:4512 minutes4.38 grams1.7 meters times
Markell 1.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-19 11:05:3511 minutes4.44 grams1.7 meters times
bottom clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-16 13:35:3969 minutes18.43 grams7.3 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-16 12:46:1251 minutes11.18 grams4.4 meters times29
Cool Turing (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-16 12:44:5041 minutes14.28 grams5.6 meters times29
rhea clip (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-15 14:17:1325 minutes7.11 grams2.8 meters times
rhea clip.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-14 14:52:2864 minutes16.54 grams6.5 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-14 13:59:5532 minutes4.15 grams1.6 meters times48
GCODESTL2017-06-14 13:56:0658 minutes17.03 grams6.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-13 13:47:4158 minutes16.88 grams6.7 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-12 15:13:0221 minutes7.66 grams3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 15:11:569 minutes2.75 grams1.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 15:09:459 minutes2.75 grams1.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:38:1213 minutes5.25 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:38:099 minutes2.75 grams1.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:38:0917 minutes5.76 grams2.3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:36:0213 minutes5.25 grams2.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:36:0021 minutes7.66 grams3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-12 14:35:599 minutes2.75 grams1.1 meters times
Cool Turing.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-12 12:30:1045 minutes14.89 grams5.9 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-06-08 15:10:23118 minutes21.43 grams8.5 meters times48
Copy of Ben Larned 3.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-07 14:49:052 minutes0.35 grams0.1 meters times
Tremendous Migelo.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 17:26:459 minutes1.85 grams0.7 meters times
Emmanuel Okoronkwo 10.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 11:37:3010 minutes4.08 grams1.6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-06 11:00:0315 minutes5.10 grams2 meters times
sarah burriss 6.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:56:2914 minutes5.22 grams2 meters times
Aaliyah Jones 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:54:5011 minutes3.90 grams1.5 meters times
damyrie patterson 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:54:1812 minutes4.89 grams1.9 meters times
Max Brown #6.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:54:1210 minutes2.69 grams1 meters times
Mckenzie Emerson 5.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:53:4415 minutes5.71 grams2.2 meters times
Reid Glaros.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:51:1911 minutes4.44 grams1.7 meters times
chloe colbert 16.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:50:1318 minutes6.23 grams2.4 meters times
Kayla Bradley 14.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:48:5123 minutes6.67 grams2.6 meters times
Sara Freeman 26.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:48:0716 minutes6.18 grams2.4 meters times
Hanaa Elfernani 27.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:47:1716 minutes5.19 grams2 meters times
jesus camargo12 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:47:1511 minutes4.30 grams1.7 meters times
Alistair Sunday 4.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:45:4311 minutes4.35 grams1.7 meters times
Graysen Sies 11.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:42:1413 minutes5.29 grams2.1 meters times
Kelcie Jacobs 20.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:41:5219 minutes6.25 grams2.4 meters times
Barry Smith 19.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:40:4613 minutes4.57 grams1.8 meters times
kayleigh covahey 23.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:39:4213 minutes4.57 grams1.8 meters times
chelsey mckee 21.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:38:2811 minutes4.28 grams1.7 meters times
Brianna Val 24.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:35:4412 minutes4.71 grams1.8 meters times
Paige Schweitzer 25.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-06 10:34:2015 minutes5.44 grams2.1 meters times
Wilson Ratnow 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 15:34:2511 minutes3.91 grams1.5 meters times285
faris alazemi 5.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 15:33:4015 minutes4.82 grams1.9 meters times285
Wilson Ratnow 2.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 15:33:3811 minutes3.91 grams1.5 meters times285
AJ Roa 23.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:30:0015 minutes5.20 grams2 meters times
mizahne bivens 16.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:06:3919 minutes5.54 grams2.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:02:10146 minutes51.81 grams20.5 meters times
Gabriella Willinger 13 -).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:02:0310 minutes3.72 grams1.4 meters times
Wilson Ratnow 2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:01:2910 minutes3.69 grams1.4 meters times
faris alazemi 5.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 11:00:4120 minutes6.72 grams2.6 meters times
Jacob Weitzman 6.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:59:1413 minutes4.63 grams1.8 meters times
Ben Larned 3 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:58:542 minutes0.39 grams0.1 meters times
Messiah Wilkes 20.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:58:4519 minutes6.30 grams2.5 meters times
Simona Goad 13 -) (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:58:3411 minutes4.33 grams1.7 meters times
Ben Larned 3.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:58:092 minutes0.40 grams0.1 meters times
Aaron West 4.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:56:2914 minutes5.28 grams2.1 meters times
Melania Nash 28.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:56:2811 minutes4.28 grams1.7 meters times
Amari Taylor26.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:56:0215 minutes5.63 grams2.2 meters times
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:55:0622 minutes8.62 grams3.4 meters times
Zachary Frampton 19.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:55:0323 minutes7.51 grams2.9 meters times
natalia carvajal 24.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:54:3016 minutes5.70 grams2.2 meters times
Jonathan Rojas 18.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:53:2119 minutes6.95 grams2.7 meters times
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:53:1439 minutes15.32 grams6 meters times
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:52:5911 minutes4.39 grams1.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:52:5822 minutes7.53 grams3 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:51:0613 minutes4.51 grams1.8 meters times
Sandra Bare 14.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:50:3012 minutes4.50 grams1.8 meters times
William Donohue 9.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:49:5213 minutes4.46 grams1.7 meters times
Maeve Konstantoulas 10.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:46:5521 minutes7.45 grams2.9 meters times
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:45:5215 minutes5.51 grams2.2 meters times
Ivan Rubenight 21.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-05 10:41:3315 minutes5.54 grams2.2 meters times
Bubble Wand Test (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-01 14:29:504 minutes1.22 grams0.5 meters times
Bubble Wand Test (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-06-01 14:16:516 minutes1.67 grams0.6 meters times
Bubble Wand Test.stl
GCODESTL2017-06-01 13:28:2728 minutes21.63 grams2.9 meters times
Lorenzo Castillo 08.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-25 15:50:1910 minutes3.48 grams1.4 meters times285
Herberth Gomez.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-25 15:49:4911 minutes4.50 grams1.8 meters times285
GCODESTL2017-05-24 17:21:16146 minutes51.81 grams20.5 meters times162
mf tth kayla spinner.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-23 15:42:2710 minutes3.60 grams1.4 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-19 10:57:580 minutes0.00 grams658.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:34:5817 minutes5.39 grams2.1 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:34:477 minutes2.18 grams0.8 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:34:404 minutes1.27 grams0.5 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:34:010 minutes grams0 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:32:220 minutes grams0 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-18 16:30:5111 minutes4.23 grams1.6 meters times168
mf tth o blais neslon (3).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 17:55:3712 minutes4.14 grams1.6 meters times
mf tth o blais neslon (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 17:54:3123 minutes3.08 grams1.2 meters times
mf tth o blais neslon.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 17:31:1413 minutes4.40 grams1.7 meters times
MF sterling2 (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 16:52:5942 minutes16.43 grams6.5 meters times332
Shiny Jaiks-Trug.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 16:12:4061 minutes23.38 grams9.2 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-17 15:56:2612 minutes1.87 grams0.7 meters times168
Pac Man (2).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 15:47:3138 minutes14.59 grams5.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-17 11:58:50125 minutes32.47 grams12.8 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-17 11:50:1161 minutes18.21 grams7.2 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-17 11:50:0612 minutes1.87 grams0.7 meters times168
Nmuhammadcapstoneconnector (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-17 11:30:09154 minutes59.17 grams23.4 meters times168
MF TTH Indya extra.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 18:19:4273 minutes30.70 grams12.1 meters times
Dazzling Uusam-Fulffy.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 18:18:4773 minutes30.70 grams12.1 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-16 17:16:29148 minutes52.24 grams20.7 meters times
damonte capstone.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:41:0451 minutes19.97 grams7.9 meters times29
damonte capstone-2.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:38:5949 minutes18.89 grams7.5 meters times29
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:24:1149 minutes19.36 grams7.6 meters times168
mf damonte capstone.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:16:1951 minutes19.99 grams7.9 meters times
mf deric capstone (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:13:2450 minutes20.07 grams7.9 meters times
th deric capstone (1).stl
GCODESTL2017-05-16 16:09:0396 minutes37.28 grams14.7 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-16 15:27:2037 minutes15.30 grams6 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-16 14:24:2998 minutes33.06 grams13.1 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-16 12:11:21155 minutes60.19 grams23.8 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-15 17:54:4916 minutes1.98 grams0.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-15 16:44:55210 minutes85.60 grams33.9 meters times
IBlake_NetPotHolder .stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 16:41:5491 minutes25.15 grams9.9 meters times124
GCODESTL2017-05-15 12:48:4140 minutes10.27 grams4 meters times168
GCODESTL2017-05-15 12:30:1662 minutes18.24 grams7.2 meters times168
Isaiah Clark 10.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:14:2512 minutes4.86 grams1.9 meters times
Trey Wallace 11.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:13:1312 minutes4.86 grams1.9 meters times
Zander Beaver 12.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:12:289 minutes2.78 grams1.1 meters times
Nigel Kurtz 8.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:11:5815 minutes4.86 grams1.9 meters times
Wyatt Shaffer 13.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:10:5112 minutes4.56 grams1.8 meters times
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:10:4010 minutes3.55 grams1.4 meters times
Copy of DHF-Keychain-Template-Beta.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:09:2914 minutes4.95 grams1.9 meters times
Emma Treas 20.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:09:2714 minutes4.83 grams1.9 meters times
Emma Ulmer 18.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:09:1014 minutes5.17 grams2 meters times
Lainey Oberheim 29.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:09:0512 minutes4.82 grams1.9 meters times
Emmanuel Ilgenfritz 4.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:08:1510 minutes3.51 grams1.4 meters times
Karis Mitchell 36.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:07:3712 minutes4.19 grams1.6 meters times
Allie Miller 37.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:07:0912 minutes4.64 grams1.8 meters times
Emily Klinger 31.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:06:3115 minutes4.96 grams1.9 meters times
Kendra Schoeppner 28.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:04:5712 minutes4.33 grams1.7 meters times
Molly Deppen 32.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:04:2713 minutes4.56 grams1.8 meters times
Olivia Hummel 30.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:04:187 minutes2.83 grams1.1 meters times
Rebekah Hayner 16.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:04:0311 minutes4.35 grams1.7 meters times
Caitlyn Snyder 26.stl
GCODESTL2017-05-15 11:03:4813 minutes4.51 grams1.8 meters times
Total Prints: 0
Total Time: 0 minutes of printing
Total Weight: 0 grams of material
Total Length: 0.0 meters of filament